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If I Started A Home Based Business And I Now Believe I Was Scammed, What Can I Do?

Like many other mums, you heard that starting a home based business was a great idea. After starting your home based business however, you realized that things were not as they seemed to be and now feel you have been scammed. If you started a home based business and now believe that you were scammed, what can you do?

First, not all home based business opportunities are scams. Matter of fact, most work from home jobs are legitimate work for those looking to earn a living working from the comfort of their own home. Right now, you probably feel upset, frustrated, angry and violated but do not let this stand in the way of finding a work from home opportunity that is an honest business.

If you realize that you have been scammed after starting a home based business, there are a few things you can do to try and protect yourself. The first thing you need to do is not worry about the money. This may sound strange but there are other important things that should be your first concern. You need to sit down and figure out the exact information that you gave to the company who you feel scammed you. Do they have your phone number, address, tax information and credit card number? If you gave them sensitive personal information, you need to start by protecting that information. This information in the wrong hands can actual cause you to suffer more damage than you already have. You should be checking with the credit reporting agencies to see if anyone has used your new or information to obtain any new credit.

Next, you need to report the incident to the authorities. More times than not, the person or company who scammed you is not located locally and it will be next to impossible for the authorities to find them. Filing a report though will prove that your information was stolen or misused in the event that anything negative is ever reported against you financially.

After you have taken these precautions, contact the company who you believe scammed you. If you can reach a person through telephone calls or email, warn them that you believe you were scammed out of money, time and are now frustrated. Truth is, if you were indeed scammed, you will probably not be able to reach the company. If you can reach them, they will more than likely refuse to give you a refund. You should keep contacting them for a reasonable time period to try and fight the situation. If after a few times you do not succeed though, you may be out of luck with getting your money back. It does not hurt to try though as many scam companies do not want to deal with their scam being found out. They may just refund your money with the hope that you will not spread their name around as a scam company.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do if you feel you have been scammed aside from what's mentioned above. There are those which prey upon innocent people but there are also very reputable companies out there as well. If you were scammed, chalk the mistake up to experience and do not give up on making your home based business dream become

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