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I Want To Be A Work From Home Mum, How Can I Get My Family To Support Me In This Decision?

You are tired and driving back and forth to your job and you have been looking for a better way to earn money. You also want to be doing something in life that you love and enjoy rather than working at a job that is tiring and a tad boring at times. You are considering being a work from home mum and now there are many questions going through your mind. Being a work from home mum is a rewarding career but at the same time it can be a transition not only for you but for your family as well. If you want to be a work from home mum, how can you get your family to support you in that decision?

Before making any drastic career changes, sit down with your family and inform them that you want to be a work from home mum. That way, when you do start working from home, no one in your family is going to be shocked by your decision. When you bring it up at first, see how the rest of your family reacts. If no one objects to it, than you can move on to informing them that you have made your decision.

What if there are people in your family and household that do object to you being a work from home mum? Objections from a spouse are actually quite common, especially if your family needs two incomes in order to meet financial needs. If anyone does object, sit down and make a list of benefits from being a work from home mum. Remember to list how much money you will be saving on commuting costs and possibly even daycare for your children. You should also list any negatives that you can find so that when you present your case, it seems well balanced and fair.

Next, come up with a good business plan so that your family can see that you have the great potential of earning more money than you are earning now. Many people in a family may feel uncomfortable with the home based business idea because they are afraid of the unknown. Once you do away with all of the unknowns about being a work from home mum, your family will more than likely be more accepting of your desire.

Last, make sure to convey that you are unhappy in your current career and that you really want to be working at something you love. Even if you are not completely unsatisfied in your current line of work, simply tell your family that you will be happier owning your home based business and being a work from home mum.

Once all of the facts are on the table, your family will have the information that it needs in order to support you in your decision to become a stay at home mum. Remember though, that you do not just need the support of your family during the transition stage. You will also need their support as you start your home based business and it starts to grow.

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