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I Am A Work From Home Mum, Can You Give Me Any Tips On How To Successfully Manage My Business While

You have already made the transition into being a work from home mum. This was a great choice to make and you are more than likely already seeing some of the rewards that being a work from home mum has to offer. Some parts of transitioning from working outside of the home to being a work from home mum can be quite easy while other aspects take more time to adjust to. You are now working in your home and around your family. You have probably noticed that it can be distracting to try and work when you notice that there are things that need to get done around your home. You are a work from home mum and you are wondering if there are any tips on how to successfully manage your business while still running your household.

First, you need to have an organized work environment. A laptop on your kitchen counter while you are trying to make dinner and chase after the children is probably not the best work environment. You need to have a quiet area in your home that you designate as your work area. This place should be away from all of the hustle and bustle of your home and also be free of clutter. If you do not have a filing cabinet to safely keep track of and hold your business documents, you need to come up with a filing system that will work for you.

Many work from home mums try and squeeze in work whenever they have any free time to do so. This can work for smaller projects or for finalizing a few details of something you are working on, but it is not good when you are trying to get the bulk of your work done. You need a set schedule and you need to stick to that schedule. Constantly changing what you are doing such as going back and forth between trying to get work done and handling personal or family matters can make you lose focus on your work. By the time you get to sit back down again and try to work, you may not have the urge to complete what you were working on.

Last, you need to get your family on board with what you are doing. If there is another adult home during the times that you have scheduled yourself to work, ask that person if they can help you watch the children if the children are at home. Remind older children that when you are in your designated work area or office, that you are working and that need time to get your work done. If you do not discuss what you are doing with your family, they will not know and may continue to interrupt you while you are working.

The three main things to remember when you are trying to manage your household and your home based business are; organization, scheduling and communication. As long as you remember those three words, you will find that managing your household and your home based business will be an easy task to complete.

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